Fuseamania (Fuse) is one of the most versatile and crowd pleasing DJs in the nation. Being seasoned with decades of music that matters; he rolls into the booth firmly committed to a “good time” and without thought to any possibility of having an “off night”. His relationship with music of the moment and music of our time is well rounded enough to be at home at any party or promotion. With thousands of his own custom DJ edits (featured on DIrectMusicService.com), and boasting a style of his own remixes and unique word play – he knows the music and it seems to know him.  With a rap sheet of success to wave including Caesar’s Entertainment, Cincinnati’s CAC, Vitamin Water Uncapped Series, Saks Fifth Avenue, Cincinnati Fashion Week, as well as playing gigs all up & down the east Coast in D.C., State College, PA, Pittsburgh PA, & Morgantown, WV. He remains a favorite and the “go to” for bringing the music to the masses.


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